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Fire retardant 75H

YUKAI-75H is a halogen-containing flame retardant, thermally stabilized form (HBCD).

We offer to supply a high-quality halogen-containing flame retardant brand 75H, which provides excellent performance at low dosage levels with minimal effect on the properties of polymers at high processing temperature.

Thermogravimetric analysis (10 mg at 10 °C/min in N2 medium)

Weight Loss, % 5 10 50
Temperature, °C 250 260 280



Solubility (g /100 g Solvent)

Water < 0.1 Toluene 5
Methylene chloride 2 methylethylketone 13



Fire retardant 75H

CAS number 3194-55-6
Appearance White granules
Bromine Content, % 74,5
Melting range, ℃ 180-195
Specific gravity, at 25 ℃, g/ml 2,1
Bulk density, at 25 ℃, g/ml 1,07
Bulk density in the package, at 25 ℃, g/ml 1,36

75H is recommended for use as a flame retardant additive in the processes of thermoplastic processing of polymers that require high thermal stability.

It can be used in any polymer systems where improved viscosity properties of melts in processes are required.

The use of appropriate equipment is recommended. Third-party exposure to the product should be avoided, the excess should be washed off thoroughly after the end of application. Store the product in a cool, dry and well-ventilated area, avoiding contact with incompatible materials. Unless otherwise reported, proper storage according to the recommendations above guarantees the preservation of the product’s performance characteristics for 12 months from the date of placement in the warehouse.

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