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About us

Atlas is a supplier of mineral raw materials, chemical products and equipment to various industrial sectors.

Our basic activity is aimed at providing enterprises with high-tech chemical substances necessary for successful manufacturing of the top-quality finished product which provides producing enterprises with strong reputation in the markets of the chemical industry.

We are open to mutually beneficial partnership and always consider the interests and needs of our customers. We offer only high-quality chemicals and on terms satisfactory for each specific client. Such approach combined with innovative search for alternative solutions in the cause of co-operation with partners and delivery modes of materials and equipment is the basis of our company’s stable and confident activity in the market.

Atlas supplies products of acknowledged world brands and trade-marks.

Atlas has extensive logistics, processing and storage capabilities across multiple geographies.

Due to the wide geography of cargo transshipment and storage locations we are able to deliver goods to customers on time and in secure packaging.

We supply

  • bleaching clays for oil and fat and bentonites for drilling
  • filter powders for fat, diatomaceous earth and perlite
  • metasilicates and silicates of sodium and lithium
  • caustic soda, gran 99%, liquid 50%
  • potassium sorbate preservative
  • Ni catalysts and sodium and potassium methoxides
  • emulsion additives (water- and solvent-based) for extracting polyurethane foam molds
  • composite additives for a wide range of resins
  • dispersion resin emulsions for the production of water-based and solvent-based adhesives
  • defoamers and agents preventing foam formation in chemical and aqueous formulations
  • silicone compounds and surfactants for paintwork, inks, adhesives
  • antimicrobial agents
  • protective coatings for fruits and vegetables
  • disinfectants for water and food equipment (after washing with detergents)
  • glazing additives for confectionery and fruit
  • additives to facilitate the release of baked goods in the pastry shop
  • natural barrier coatings for cheese and meat casings
  • a wide range of plastic casings for cheeses and meat products
  • phosphate additives for meat products
  • starch cationization reagents (65/69%) and pigments for plastics (PVC/PS/ABC/PE)
  • activated carbon for maltose (molasses), edible oils and industrial water treatment
  • GEO and roofing HDPE/EPDM/TPO-PVC membranes, as well as sealing waterproofing tapes for thermal waterproofing
  • UV stabilizers/absorbents for PS/PVC/PA/PBT polymers and their mixtures
  • EVA and EVA emulsions
  • high-strength PE technical threads with ultra-low shrinkage for roofing and swimming pool membranes, awnings, tires, PE ropes and belts
  • flame retardant (HBCD, BDDP)
  • PVP / PVPP
  • PPG polyols and 2-component systems for polyurethane foam
  • TCPP
  • defrosters for road surfaces and ship fuselages, synthetic sodium formates and BYP
  • amphoteric polyalphaolefins

Our partners

Our partners are the leading manufacturers of raw materials and suppliers for food, agricultural, chemical and oil industries.

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