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Activated Al for hydrogen peroxide production

White, spherical porous granules are a non-toxic, odorless material, insoluble in water, ethers, hydrocarbons, alcohols, and organic solvents. Does not form powder forms of sediment in water or alkali. Featuring high purity, long cycle life and high biodegradability and regeneration capacity for anthraquinone derivatives, the material is specifically designed for adsorption in the production of hydrogen peroxide H2O2 using the anthraquinone method.

In addition to alkali compatibility, the product also has a high recovery capacity for hydrogenation decomposition products, and is able to convert them into an anthraquinone derivative, providing effective anthraquinone stability, which reduces production costs. Moreover, keeping in mind the need for regeneration, this activated Al provides excellent performance with little change in activity after regeneration.

Packing: 25 kg bags / 25 kg cardboard boxes / 150 kg metal barrels, or as customer’s request.

Production: China

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