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Typical properties of 2-EAQ

Appearance Light yellow scales / powder
Content, % ≥ 98,5
Melting range, оС 108.0-112.0 ℃
Fe, мг/кг ≤ 5
The content of insoluble compounds in benzene, % ≤ 0,05 %
S, мг /кг ≤ 10
Cl, мг /кг ≤ 30



It is recommended as a catalyst for the anthraquinone method of hydrogen peroxide production, as well as as a semi-product for the production of dyes. It can be used in the production of photosensitive elements and other synthesis reactions.




CAS number 84-51-5
EINECS # 201-535-4
Chemical formula С16Н12O2
Molecular weight 236.27


25 kg kraft bags with PE liner / Big bags, or at the customer’s request.


It is recommended to store the product in a tightly closed container, avoid exposure to intense light.  Store in a cool, dry and well-ventilated area, avoiding contact with incompatible materials.

Production: China.

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