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Cobalt Carbonate

Mainly used for the production of other cobalt oxides and cobalt salts.


Chemical composition




Test Report

Total content 99 99.8
Co 44 – 45 44.8
Hydrochloric  acid  insoluble 0.05 0.04
Fe 0.005 0.005
Ni 0.002 0.002
Cu 0.002 0.0015
Mn 0.001 0.001
Na 0.03 0.02

Cobalt Carbonate

CAS number 57454-67-8
HS number 2836993000
Grade Industrial grade
Molecular formula CoCO3 ·3Co(OH)2 ·H2O
Properties Powder from pink to purple color, insoluble in water.
Application Inorganic industry mainly for the production of other cobalt oxide and cobalt salt. Ceramic industry used as colorants. Used as a dressing agent in the mining industry. Used as trace element fertilizer on agriculture.
Package Plastic woven bags, net weight 25 kg per bag.

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