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Filter powders

Filter powders of the DIATOM CD series

DIATOM CD series filter powders are widely used in the food industry to filter vegetable oils and fats. Thus, the DIATOM CD1100 filter powder has been successfully certified according to hygienic requirements for use as an auxiliary raw material for food production in accordance with the “Food Chemicals Codex” standards.

The use of diatomites in the filtration of vegetable oils is due to the following factors:

  • Formation of wax crystals during winterization (freezing of oil);

Diatomite particles play the role of wax crystallization centers. Due to the natural structure, the charge difference between the particles of kieselguhr and wax contained in the oil, each particle of the filter material “grows” with waxes.

  • Filtering out the formed crystals from the oil.

The unique structure of diatomite (regular-shaped particles permeated with a huge number of pores) provides an advantage of this material over other filtering materials (perlite, cellulose).

The filter powder of the brand “DIATOM CD 1100” is the main brand of the DIATOM CD series, used in the fat and oil industry and allowing to achieve high filtration rates. Due to its natural properties, deposit and production technology, it is used in relatively small quantities. These features, combined with low oil consumption, determine its use at the stage of winterization as an optimal, cost-effective filter material. These OP does not require the introduction of additional equipment and can be used both on imported filters and in their domestic counterparts.

The average filtration consumption is 5-6 kg of diatomite per ton of oil (with a wax content within 500 ppm). With an increase in the level of waxes in the oil, it is possible to increase the dosage at the rate of 5 kg of filter powder for each subsequent 500 ppm of waxes. These dosages may vary depending on the quality of the raw materials used, the type of equipment, the process technology and the requirements for the finished product.

Production:                          CHINA
Packaging:                           20 kg bags / 500 kg big bags – on pallets pallets
Type:                                   calcined flux in the kieselgur stream
Colour:                                 white powder
Specific gravity:                    2,2
Typical physical properties
Humidity                                        % max                0,3
pH                                                                          8-11
Permeability                                    Darcy                8-10
Wet density                                     g/cm3            not more than 0.5
Sieve +150 mesh                              %                  no more than 30
Calcination residue                          % max                0,5
Granulometry (%) laser
Average particle size, microns                                   44-60
Chemical composition (%), approximate
SiO2                                                                          90,1
Al2O3                                                                        3,5
Fe2O3                                                                        1,1
CaO                                                                           0,3
MgO                                                                          0,3
Na2O                                                                         3,0
Other                                                                         1,4



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