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Biodegradable plastics

Polybutylene succinate (PBS)

Polybutylene succinate (PBS) is a chemical compound from the group of linear aliphatic polyesters.

PBS is prepared by reacting succinic acid with 1,4-butanediol. PBS is biodegradable, producing water and CO2.

Molecular Formula:  H-(CO-(CH2)2-COO-(CH2)4-O)n-H

CAS No.: 25777-14-4

Color: Natural white

Materials for synthesis: butanediol, succinic acid

Melting point: 114℃

Processing temperature: about 140-260℃

Crystallization temperature: about 40-50℃

Hardness Shore D ≥65

Applications: Injection molding, tableware and cutlery, textiles, fishing nets, coffee capsules, engineering components, medical applications, etc.

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